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Legal advisory that knows your business


We make sure that your products are designed meeting legal and ethical standards and that they will be sustainable in the long run.

In a field like crypto or tech that is positioned in the fault lines of various legal doctrines and regimes, it's actually really important to take the right legal steps in the right order. It is easier to design things right the first time than go back and fix them later. We like to call this the legal-first approach.

If you position your product or system in the right legal frame, you could gain an enormous advantage in ease of adoption, value capture and of course mitigate risks of shutdown, uncontrollable liabilities and other catastrophic failure conditions.

You may have the best idea with a potential to disrupt the given industry segment. Thats why sooner or later the regulators will step in to verify whether you've got the legal part of your bisnes right.

We've got you covered.


We advise individuals and entities creating or issuing tokens as well as with remediating previous token issuances. This includes currency regulation, commodities and securities law, and taxation implications. We also assess the risk of the token and business models and work to proactively develop risk mitigation and remediation strategies. As necessary, we engage with government agencies such as well as with state regulators, on behalf of clients in order to understand and shape the evolving regulatory landscape and ensure compliance with applicable laws.


We advise on how to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. 

We are famous for our state-of-the art, banking-grade and battle tested AML procedures, which not only protect against accountability, but at the same time provide the right level of flexibility needed for rapid business growth.

WILNER LEGAL provides shielding during govermental AML audits. Our firm is the only law firm in Poland with a track record of winning disputes with the General Inspector of Financial Information regarding questioned AML practices of cryptocurrency exchange offices.


WILNER LEGAL provides strategic compliance advice to help companies stay out of trouble, and aggressive defense and effective government engagement when problems arise. We have represented both entities and individuals conducting crypto-related activities, such virtual currency exchange offices, executives, and users who are being investigated by a variety of government agencies.

We represent cryptocurrency trading offices with respect to AML and tax audits, building on ours extensive experience in handling investigation and enforcement proceedings relating AML rules. We also represent clients with respect to civil and criminal investigations  involving cryptocurrency trading platforms, stablecoins, cryptocurrency ATMs, and other cryptocurrency and crypto-asset related issues.


We also advise on the tax implications, reporting regimes, and record collection and retention policies for virtual currency exchange offices, merchants, trading platforms, miners, and entities paying wages in cryptocurrency. We advise clients and engage with government regulators regarding fiat-to-cryptocurrency conversions, cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency conversions, hard-forks, and other taxable events.


WILNER LEGAL also advises high-net-worth individuals and entities purchasing and selling cryptocurrency. We conduct due diligence on counterparties such as cryptocurrency exchanges, dealers, and brokers. We guide clients through on-boarding with these entities and assist clients in navigating key decision points when investing in cryptocurrency.

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